Daily Fun Online Games

Jun 1 2009

Got nowhere to hang out, got bored, or just plain lonely in the middle of the night? Why don’t you play online games? Not only fun, these online games will get you addicted to death. It’s an alternative solution (beside bored to hell of course).

GameZombie is one solution to your boredom of daily activities. You can play miniclip games that is categorized so you can easily select what games you would like to play. Don’t forget that this is online games, so there is no closing, just play until you get bored. You can easily see how many miniclip games this site has, which I think is not that important at all. A search feature is available on the right side of the web, which is cool. Just search what games you got in mind and then this site will give you the exact games that matches your search string.

Free Online Games

Hey, I even found all time favorite super mario here. The plumbers will definitely never dies. A favorite of mine, tower defence is also available to play.

There is some sweet spot you can explore, one is Most Played and Highes Rated games. This will be useful if you want to play what others think that the game on the list is great.

If you look at the name of the site, GameZombie is not that creepy at all. I guess the owner of this site must have a good reason to put “Games this good never dies.” tagline below the site name, because I think it doesn’t match. Hey, it even doesn’t rhyme. Overall I think this is a good site with many selection of games you can play with.