Lowongan Kerja: Lecturers University of Mayala 2008

The UNIVERSITY OF MALAYA is searching for suitable to fill up the post of PROFESSORS / ASSOCIATE PROFESSORS / SENIOR LECTURES / LECTURES in the following fields:
Discipline required: Malay Linguistic: Malay Arts; Malay Anthropology/Sociology, Malay Literature and Malay Language
Discipline required: Anthropology; Sociology; Psychology; Physical Geography; Human Geography; American Literature; International Relations; Security Studies; Chinese Literature; Chinese Drama; Chinese Linguistics and Philology; Japanese Culture and Society; South East Asian Politic; Language and Society; Media Studies; Communication Studies; History of Indonesia and History of Philippines.

Discipline required: (1) Islamic Studies; (2) Economics and Administration; (3) Dentistry; (4) Engineering; (5) Law; (6) Built Environment; (7) Computer Science and Information Technology; (8) Education; (9) Business and Accounting; (10) Languages and Linguistics; (11) Sciences; (12) Medicine; (13) Performing Arts; (14) Sport Sciences; (15) Public Policy and Management; (16) Social Science and Humanities.
A delegation from the University of Malaya

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