Lowongan Kerja: Research for Students – Burung Indonesia

Burung Indonesia was established on 15 July 2002, as an independent Indonesian non-government organization, after working for 10 years as the program office of BirdLife International in Indonesia . Burung Indonesia provides opportunities for the public to take practical action to conserve birds and their habitats in Indonesia .
Mbeliling forest area located in the western part of Flores Island, is one of the most important forest ecosystem that still survive on this island. Two main type of habitat on this area are Tropical Moist Semi-evergreen forest and Tropical Moist Desciduous forest, which have been identified as the highest priority status for tropical biodiversity conservation (WCMC 1997). This area is a habitat for 3 out of 4 flores endemic bird, which are Flores Monarch (Monarcha sacerdotum), Wallace’s Hanging-parrot(Loriculus flosculus), and Flores Crow (Corvus florensis). Other 17 restricted area birds also made this area as their home (Trainor and Lesmana

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