Watch Movies Online

Do you like watching movies? Well, if you are feeling unhappy and stressed about your day job and need a getaway to relieve those unnecessary stress off your shoulder, you can try watching movies. It’s cheap, fun, and enjoyable. It’s even more fun to watch movies with friends. But it’s not fun anymore when you have to get in line just to get your favorite movie ticket on the theater. If you hate get in line, then you can try to watch movies online.

At first, I found that movies planet is just another movie portal on the net. It’s simple, have a list of movies you can search and watch online and offers free movies download.

And then I found something else. What I found distracting is the fixed layout that looks small on my laptop screen. But I guess I can live with that, because it is centered. On the top box office movies, you can view details about top box office movies, which I think is cool. It provides you with a lot of information about the movie, not just general information, but also additional information that movies planet members give, such as rating, votes, how many user watch the movie. Basically movies planet is a movies portal that combines social networking with movie download portal, which is nice and very interactive.

It is interesting that you can find movie magazine on a movie download portal. You can see movie chart, news, and even movie reviews so you can read it to give basic knowledge about the movie before you watch it.

I think the biggest issue the developer has is the layout. Many sections on the website is hard to read, small font, collapsing text (like in the movie magazine),  and too tight as if they want to stuff everything in small places. I also think that the website is dull and need more color as it must attract broad range of visitors, from young to old. Overall movies planet is a good source for watching movies online when you get bored with your day activities and need a fast cure to your boredom.